Meet My Family

Hi, Meet my family!  I am a Vegas made, Kentucky born mother of 4.  I’m a freethinker and have constantly found myself moving against the grains of “the norm”.  I am an artist, a naturalist, a writer, a pastors daughter in law, the wife of a licensed minister.  I find myself often looking for all things GOD made in order to better my life and my families.  Living in the Bible Belt of Kentucky has it’s ups and downs as anyone could imagine.  Join me in changing the minds, creating a movement, teaching this world how to find peace and create a healthy body for us all. All you Legal Hippies… lets unite!!! I myself am a Legal Hippie looking to deal some natural remedies and oils to help support a better mind and body! Let’s all learn together and move forward in the amazing, captivating, organic, frequency filled green world that we live in.  #legalhippie

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