A Little Christmas Spirit

A little Christmas spirit laced with the warm fuzzy feeling filling the entirety of my chest is exactly what I ordered.  Life is life… it’s filled with the never ending movement of motion that rules the time. The hustle of kids, jobs, chores around the house and visits to the local stores for milk which end in a line halfway across the threshold of the fortress of gifts can put a toll on even the jolliest.

A little Christmas spirit laced with the warm fuzzies

The holiday season, yet as joyful as it is, can be a drain on just about anyone.  Tonight as I sit and reflect on my day I decide to have a nice warm cup of Peppermint Mocha Hot chocolate.  This cup is like no other… as I sit and sip slowly, my mind becomes at ease and the shallow breathes my day has been riddled by becomes deep, relaxed, and fulfilling.  My super annoying husband is becoming a little less annoying even as I sit here while he directs exactly how I should “write my own blogs”.   Lol You want to know why? The reason is, this cup of hot chocolate is getting it’s peppermint flavor from my Legal Hippie CBD with Peppermint Oil.  I opted for the 1000mg… trust me when I say I needed all the help this world has to offer when it comes to relaxing and bringing my mind to ease.  Don’t over think it!  This is not some fancy recipe.  Simply buy whatever brand you desire, make as the packet says, add a few extra marshmallows or candy canes if you would like and follow up with 4 to 5 drops of CBD oil.  EASY PEASY and get ready to feel your breaths become deeper, your worries fade to a regulated speed and an over all relaxing feeling take place.  You can thank me later!


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