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Ok… Let’s keep it real.  There are so many options flooding the market for CBD oil.  From barely scrapping the lining of your pockets for spare change to taking out some small loans for a few drops.  A bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.  How do you know that your product is pure?  For starters take a look at the oils purity.  Find out for certain if your oil is an extract or an extract added to an oil suspension.  Find out where your product is grown, how it is farmed, who farms it, etc.  Anything worth getting will have all this information on it’s site.  There is no reason to hide an amazing farm land full of hemp waiting to be farmed purely for your enjoyment and benefits.  Also, as simple as it may sound CHECK ingredients!  Legal Hippie CBD oil has a couple of ingredients.  Which is all you need!  When you want CBD oil you are not asking for any other oils diluting the health benefits.

Legal Hippie products are non GMO, organic, made right in Owensboro, KY, and very rich in raw materials.  They actually utilize the full spectrum Cannabis plant.  Once you know your stuff you’ll appreciate that statement!  Legal Hippie is hiding nothing! We are proud of our products.

Just to put it straight… LEARN YOUR STUFF!  If you are going to be partaking make sure its worth it! PLUS, Smell it!  Yes I said it! SMELL IT!!! Other ones I had in the past didn’t really have a smell.  Our Legal Hippie CBD oil smells like a freshly picked plant shoved in a bottle.  This is the only way I can describe this properly.

Let me be your dealer!


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