Anxiety and CBD, My Personal Story


Anxiety is real.  It’s real to me and real to over 40 million adults in the United States.  This number does not include the number of children and teens that are affected by any anxiety or depressive disorders!

I have struggled off and on my entire life with anxiety.  I can recall laying in bed as a child frantic because I could not sleep.  Frantic because I could see the time clicking forward and my mind was still awake.  Frantic because I knew I would be tired the next day.  Frantic because I knew I had to go to school the next day.  Frantic about….. EVERYTHING at times.  Fast forward to being an adult and mother of 4.  My mind still plays these games.  My mind is just filling in the blanks of what I am frantic about with other options.  For example, I might be frantic about a sick child, frantic about checking the mailbox, frantic about the clutter that overtakes my home transferring to the feelings of clutter in my mind.  I can’t focus, I can’t breathe deeply, the nervous vibrations in my body is clear and becoming over whelming.  Its Anxiety!!!

Very recently these feelings began to creep back in.  I even told my husband I might call my Doctor and get back on my meds.  I need my clonazepam again. (Terrible I Know)  I didn’t know if I could continue without numbing and stopping the vibrations so to speak.  BUT I told myself to wait.  Just wait for my Legal Hippie CBD oil to be ready.  I needed to wait and try this first!  I stocked my dealer like a child wanting on Santa! AKA my hemp farmers. All of a sudden I get a knock at the door nearly 8 p.m. and it is it!!! My oil arrived.  I immediately opened my 1000mg bottle of peppermint flavored oil and gave myself 5 drops under my tongue.  I continued this for a few days twice a day and still continue today.  You want to know what happened?!?! I found myself NOT REMEMBERING TO CALL MY DOCTOR.  That’s because my anxiety was going down.  The vibrations in my body now becoming bearable if not gone at times.  I find myself just sitting and recalling how I felt weeks ago and now nothing!  I am calm, I can dismiss feelings and thoughts easier, I can be a better mother, I can be a better wife, I can breathe……

If you are ready to try something new, ready to drop the pills from big pharma, ready to feel better “let me be your dealer”

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