CBD Me and see ya at the gym!


CBD me and see ya at the gym!  I’m sure the entirety of this title seems to be contradictory in all ways!  Did I just say that CBD (Hemp oil) is good before a workout? Ummmmm… YES I DID!!!!  If you have ever played or dabbled in a little marijuana back in your days or heard the stories surrounding marijuana that statement is going to be confusing.   You see CBD is a non psychoactive meaning it will NOT make you high.  To explain this Hemp and Marijuana do actually come from the same plant.  Marijuana is made from the plant leaves and contains THC which is what causes the high so to speak.  THC is a psychoactive.  Hemp comes from the plant fiber, seed, and stalks.  Hemp contains less than .3% or has to legally contain less than .3%.  So in an easy explanation,  Marijuana makes you high and Hemp does not.

Cannabis does so many amazing things for your body.  From reducing inflammation to controlling diabetes.  For all you gym rats it’s a definite plus to your workout and healthy lifestyle to add CBD oil to your routine.  Cannabis is shown to raise your metabolism, aid in muscle recovery after a workout, reduce inflammation and can increase your endurance level but controlling an unnecessary anxiety during your life which in turn sneaks into your fitness life!

I personally use Legal Hippie CBD oil and swear by this product.  It is life changing to say the least!  #legalhippie

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