Is Hemp Marijuana?


This is a constant question.  For a quick Sunday Morning rundown let me explain to you the difference.   I have been getting asked over and over is this Marijuana?  It is the same as marijuana?  Is it just a different part of marijuana? Well I have an answer.  Yes it is Cannabis, but not marijuana.  To explain in as simple of any way possible…. there are different cacti, there are different roses, there are different wild flowers.  Kind of the same!  There are 2 different species of Cannabis.  Species 1 is Hemp.  Hemp contains 20%+ CBD and contains less than 0.3% THC.  Species 2 is Marijuana.  Marijuana on the other hand contains 10%+ CBD and more than 20% THC.  There you go!  I will post a diagram below.  Easy as that!  Now you know!



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