When it comes to CBD and Fever Blisters…CBD WINS!!!!

When it comes to CBD and Fever Blisters…CBD WINS!!!!  I mean seriously when you say what can CBD do you should just be saying what can CBD NOT do? Time and time again this incredable plant continues to amaze me.  At this point I am assuming that I will never grow bored with Cannabis.  The options from this plant seem to be endless! Baphoto-1500364440656-4ae610a8c8df.jpegck to endless options this plant has been shown to heal fever blisters in record time without the use of prescriptions.  Let’s dig deeper!

Cold sores or fever blisters are actually caused my herpes simplex virus.  It is said that on average this virus affects roughing 90% of the population.  So how can CBD help?  Well CBD is a immunosuppressive and very powerful anti-inflammatory. Other studies have also suggested that CBD can treat viral infections such as the herpes simplex virus.  CBD also helps to balance the endocannabinoid system by offering endocannabinoids which the body uses in place of its natural endocannabinoids. With your endocannabinoid system is back in balance, your body is better able to resist pain and inflammation just like the symptoms caused by cold sores!  Now that is pretty cool if you ask me!

Next time you feel an outbreak coming on apply CBD topically.  When you apply the oil directly to the area, you’ll first notice CBD’s pain relieving benefits and the itchiness will decrease. By doing this you will decrease pain and swelling associated with the virus but also decrease the number of occurrences.  Of course, as always, using CBD daily under your tongue will help keep your entire system in balance and ready to fight off many other things besides just the herpes virus!

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