Why Tigernut oil?



Why Tigers nut oil?  Well, why not?  Besides the ever so clear entertaining purpose of the name itself, we at Legal Hippie are all about a natural approach to your health so Tigernut oil seemed to be the best option for our carrier oil.  Lets dig a bit deeper!

Tigernut or otherwise known as Chufa, actually has nothing to do with a Tiger or nut.  They are small root vegetable.  Tigernuts are a perfect snack and are packed with fiber, vitamins and nutrients. The Tigernut is considered a superfood!  So you can see why we chose this as the carrier oil for our cannabinoids.  This high quality oil is extracted by a cold, virgin process in order to ensure that it retains all the nutrients!  You might think that this oil is new but it has actually been around for thousands of years.  Tigernut oil was first used by the Egyptians over 4000 years ago.  They actually preferred it over Olive oil.

A few benefits of Tigernut oil includes…..

– Reduces “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and increases “good” (HDL) cholesterol.

– Reduces levels of triglycerides in blood.

– Reduces risk of formation of bloody clots and produces dilatation in veins, preventing arteriosclerosis.

– Positive effects on digestive secretions (gastric, pancreatic and biliar), due to high content of oleic acid

– Stimulation of the absorption of calcium in bones and the production of new bony material, due to short and medium chain fatty acids, oleic acid and essential fatty acids.

– Effective against skin alterations, aging process, etc, due to its elevated contents of Vitamin E

– Recommended for infants and the elderly because of its content in Vitamin E and the antioxidant effect of it in the cell membrane.

– Recommended for those dieting due to the high occurrence of Vitamin E.

– Helps to fix the embryo in the uterus and increases fertility of men and women, due to its high contents of Vitamin E.

– Avoids oxidation of lipoproteins, also called transporters of cholesterol in blood (related to the development of cardiovascular illness), and other substances (related to the development of some kinds of cancer).

So as you can see pairing our Full Spectrum Cannabinoids with Tigernut oil seemed to be a no brainer to us here at Legal Hippie.  We just refuse to have a filler or a wasted ingredient.

So here’s to your health and that awesome little root vegetable called, Tigernut.  To get your very own Tigernut and CBD blend click the link below.  Our 500mg and 1000mg both contain the oil!  While you are at it slather all over your face!  Trust me on this one…. you are welcome!

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