Overdosing on CBD just isn’t an option!


For the next few Legal Hippie installments I have decided to tackle a few of the common questions that we receive.  So for today, Can you overdose on CBD? The answer is NO!  A very strong NO.  The reason for this is that CBD is non-toxic, with no known fatal overdose levels ever reported. Did you hear that…  EVER!!!  Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Overdose really isn’t the best term when speaking of CBD.  When I hear this I think narcotics or “drugs”.  CBD is none of that to us Legal Hippies.  CBD is a Cannabinoid from the Cannabis species.  It’s a plant people!  Ok, back to the topic at hand.  Studies back in 2011 showed that human consumption of chronic use and high doses up to 1,500 mg/day of CBD are reportedly well tolerated in humans.  Your typical serving size for your standard person is anywhere from 12mg to 36mg give or take. Now, can you take to much of a good thing?  Yes of course.  When dealing with CBD you cannot overdose per say but you can take more than your body is able to process.  Everyone is different and has the ability to process a different amount.  This is why we suggest that you start slow when you begin using Legal Hippie CBD.  Start with a few drops and if you feel the need to increase do so after 5 days for so.  There is no reason to rush. I personally get by with 5 drops twice a day of Legal Hippie 1000mg Peppermint CBD.  If you start to fast it could potentially lead to drowsiness or possibly a slight drop in blood pressure as your body goes into a more relaxed state. Relaxed state is exactly what got me into CBD.  I’ll take it! So yes, start slow!  If you can get by with less by all means use less! Your product will last longer!  Just a little plus to being patient when beginning.

So go ahead, grab that CBD!  Start slow, relax and use consistently for optimal results.

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