CBD for those under eyes!

Yes, CBD for under-eye puffiness is a thing!  There are tons of products out there flooding the markets claiming to do all sorts of things but I personally reach for my Legal Hippie CBD daily.  Ok, Ok , twice daily for skin and internally.  I am slightly obsessed.  Back to the topic at hand, not only does it work wonders for my skin in general but I have also been seeing results under my eyes.  Of course this sparked my Legal Hippie interest and as typical Legal Hippie style we dove in a bit deeper to find the science behind it!


As per many ailments, inflammation is the evil culprit. It only makes sense that skins evil enemy is also inflammation.  Inflammation is to blame for many skin conditions.  This includes rashes, eczema, psoriasis, even rosacea, and as mentioned…….. PUFFY EYES! CBD as we have said time and time again is an amazing anti-inflammatory.  These anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically work wonders for your skin in general.  I have used CBD for sunburns, tattoo healing, glide for gauges, serum for new piercing, a daily face serum and much more.  Also not to boast… but totally boasting, Legal Hippies carrier oil for the cannabinoids is an oil called Tigernut oil.  This on its own is very high Vit E.  Pretty much any ailment my motto is, apply some Legal Hippie CBD on it. It’s been a game changer to my medicine and beauty routine.

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