No Worries with CBD!

Over and over and over and I mean over again we are asked what happens if you take too much. OR the even funnier… What happens if I smoke and then also use CBD? For a very quick installment of Legal Hippie we just want to let you all know…. YOU WILL BE PERFECTLY FINE!  I was shouting that with excitement, hence the capitals.


CBD in itself is a non psychoactive.  Meaning, it does not get you high.  In fact it is the natural compound in the cannabis plant that actually fights against the high of the THC.  You literally can’t overdose on CBD. That is as long as the CBD product you’re ingesting doesn’t contain THC.  Clinical trials have shown that you’d need to ingest a dose equivalent to 20 mg per each kilogram of your body weight to have negative side effects.  This is about a ton!  So go ahead and use that CBD.  In actuality if you do also “partake” in other activities or live in an area the THC is legal, you can use CBD to bring you down if you find yourself floating a little to high.

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