Fun Hemp Facts! No Cannabis equaled Jail time


For a fun fact with Legal Hippie lets talk jail time for Cannabis.  I am not speaking of being jailed for having but the opposite!  You were actually jailed for not growing it. Wow, times have changed.  Can you even imagine a day in time that if you weren’t growing cannabis you would be placed in jail?  Well it is true!  You could have been jailed in America for not growing cannabis during several periods of shortage.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew Cannabis on their own plantations.  Not only did they grow but getting the best seeds were important! Jefferson went to great expense and even risked himself to get them!  Jefferson ILLEGALLY smuggled what he considered to be good hemp seeds into Turkey from China.  Due to China’s love for their hempseeds this was actually a capital offense. photo-1545243894-2028accad3aa.png

Who would have thought!  Sometimes it’s fun to look back at the history especially when it involves the Cannabis species.  After all, I’m hopeful in this case that history indeed repeats itself and growing Cannabis is what we are to do.  I can assure you I would have aces my history class when it came to this topic in school. HA! After all Cannabis is good for you and the environment!

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